World premiere of “The 99 Names” with Rolf Romei, Kerem Adıgüzel and the Basler Madrigalists

In Conducting, Contemporary music, Komposition by jessicbaryton

In times of division and clashing opposites, it is especially important to build bridges between different cultures and traditions and to seek out that which we share. “The 99 Names” (2022), Jessica’s new large-scale work, combines the Qur’anic names of God, which are of particular importance in the Sufi tradition, with three of the biblical Beatitudes from the Gospel of Matthew. The extraordinarily beautiful musical language is inspired by the great English choral tradition and modern sound worlds alike. In the work, space and time are suspended as constructs of this world, making room for the hereafter.

The 99 Names

for Solo Tenor, Koran Reciter and 16 Ensemble Voices (2022)

World premiere

The Mass of Light

for Choir und Organ with Sufi whirling (2020)


Rolf Romei – Solo Tenor, Kerem Adıgüzel – Koran Recitation, Basler Madrigalists, Sufi whirlers, Matthias Wamser – Organ,  Jessica Horsley – Direction

Fri. 28th October 2022 | 7.30 pm

Offene Kirche Elisabethen

Elisabethenstrasse 14, Basel, Switzerland


Photo: Susanna Drescher

Further performances in Bern and St. Gallen