JessTalks with “les trombones de bâle”

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JessTalks: The Talkshow for New Music

23.5.2019 & 24.5.2019, 7.30 pm, Union (Klybeckstrasse 95) Basel

Tickets (30/20 reduced) available at the door or by emailing JessTalksTickets(at)

After the resounding success of JessTalks in January-February (Riehen/Basel/St. Blaise) and March (Basel), the final events in this season will take place on Thursday 23rd May (in English) and on Friday 24th May (in German). The world-class ensemble les trombones de bâle, conducted by Jessica Horsley, will play works by Gerhard E. Winkler (world premiere), Mike Svoboda and Johannes Schöllhorn in the Union in Basel (Grosser Saal, Union Kultur- & Begegnungszentrum, Klybeckstrasse 95, 4057 Basel).

JessTalks takes a fresh look at new music. Using a talkshow format and with invited guests, the events are co-created in dialogue with all present. JessTalks is the first major concert organiser in Basel to offer events in English and German.

Feedback after JessTalks events 1 & 2 this season:

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed Saturday evening and what an informative and interesting performance it was. It was fascinating and I have not enjoyed a live performance so much for a long time.

Kate Watson, Centrepoint President

A truly special and memorable evening.

Dr Marc Creus, University of Basel

I think the idea of bringing new audiences to new music is really important and to introduce them through a conversation about the music is very approachable and worked really well! I’m also very impressed that you were really able to bring in the audiences without much experience in contemporary music, often these kind of events end up preaching to those who are already familiar with this musical world.

Anja Clift , Flautist, Event 1