Agnes Tyrrell’s Overture “Die Könige in Israel” c. 1880 – a milestone at the Festival frauenkomponiert 2018

In Conducting, frauenkomponiert by jessicbaryton

It was a privilege to introduce Agnes Tyrrell’s overture, “Die Könige in Israel” (The kings in Israel), to the musicians and the public in the orchestral concerts of the Festival frauenkomponiert 2018. From deciphering the manuscript in the collection of the Brno library and working on the critical edition of the music with Rico Zela to the sound of the last chord of the dramatic, well-orchestrated work in Basel, Münchenstein, Zürich and Bern, we were in accordance with the essence of frauenkomponiert every step of the way: bringing great and unknown works by women to performance. According to the critic Sigfried Schibli in his review of the concert in Bern, the piece has, “the most important quality for an overture: it makes you want to hear more!”.

The critical edition of the overture is due to be published by frauenkomponiert in September 2018.