A second look: in conversation with Stefan Brotbeck

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On Monday 17th December at 6.15 pm, Stefan Brotbeck will be putting questions on life, creativity and freedom to conductor, barytonist/violist and researcher Jessica Horsley as part of the series The second look. Nine times a year, Stefan Brotbeck, Martin Haug and Nadine Reinert (philosophicum) invite special guests who have overcome barriers and who think and live differently, who move and inspire, to share their experiences and new perspectives.

Sebastien Gisi will start the evening with a dance composition.

Druckereihalle in the Ackermannshof, St. Johanns-Vorstadt 19/21, 4056 Basel, Switzerland

6.15 -7.45 pm, in German, admission free.

For further info see: www.philosophicum.ch